August Warrior – William

William is definitely a warrior. Every hurdle William is presented with, he will always find one way or another to get over it. He’s a happy three-and-a-half-year-old with the most infectious smile around…. nothing bothers him.

William was diagnosed with Renal Coloboma Syndrome when he was a baby, a condition that affects kidney and eye development. William had his left kidney removed at 6 months old and is vision impaired. William has also been diagnosed with laryngomalacia, a condition that affects the vocal cords and impacts breathing and swallowing. He has had several ENT surgeries and receives speech therapy, OT and physio each week to help manage his conditions. William also has a mild hearing loss. William’s swallowing issues also mean feeding can be tricky and he requires lots of extra supports and modifications to his diet to keep him safe and allow him to still enjoy the foods all little boys love.

William is non-verbal which makes it difficult for him to let his family know what he needs however, those who know William well, tend to know what it is he wants. His family are currently learning sign language so that they can communicate with William and he can communicate with his family. His family are hoping that that will make things easier for him. Due to William’s developmental delay he also sometimes doesn’t recognise risk or danger, which means he can be at risk for accidents this means his family need to watch him all the time to keep him safe.  William was also just recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

William loves the Wiggles; he loves jumping on his trampoline and playing in the garden. 
William loves anything he can spin, including wheels…. William has just learnt to play with cars, and absolutely loves racing his cars up and down the hallway with mum, dad and his big brother Brandon. William had to have a big break away from his day care recently, due to the risk of covid…. But he has just returned back and was very excited to see all his day care buddies again. William is currently learning how to climb stairs, so he is able to climb up to the top of his slide by himself.

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