August’s Warrior of the Month – Bonnie

Twelve months ago, Bonnie (now 7) was diagnosed with medullablastoma – a fast growing, highly malignant and aggressive tumour which was wrapped around her brain stem. The family of 6 immediately left their dream home in the country to move into the Ronald McDonald House so that Bonnie could receive treatment. They have not been home since.

Two days after receiving her diagnosis, Bonnie had brain surgery. Afterwards, she had to re-learn how to talk, eat, swallow and move. She had 6 weeks of radiation treatments to her brain and spine, and has completed 6 rounds of chemotherapy with 3 more still to go.

Once an active and adventurous little girl, Bonnie will never be the same again. She has many permanent or long lasting effects from the disease and treatment. She suffers from Ataxia, which means she will never regain her balance and coordination – she now relies on a wheelchair and other mobility aids. She has lost most of her hearing, her eyesight is deteriorating and her voice has been affected.

Bonnie is a gorgeous young lady. She has an enquiring mind and has to know what is going on around her, and to her. She is funny, caring and incredibly brave. Despite what she has been enduring on a minute by minute basis she is always thinking of those around her and asking if they are OK. Bonnie’s strength is amazing, her will to fight is strong and her positive attitude is inspiring.

Bonnie enjoys doing art and craft in her free time. She likes to paint, colour in and create her make-and-do projects. She also loves playing cards.

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