Brandon with a heart of gold

Brandon was born 9 weeks early with cerebral palsy and takes every challenge head on! He sometimes forgets that he has a disability and unfortunately at school there’s always those few kids they give him grief.

For Brandon’s parents, it was a double shock as his older sister Tayla, who was born three month prematurely, also has cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a physical disability that affects movement and posture. Cerebral is that if affects the brain and palsy results in lack of muscle control. It is estimated that every 15 hours, a child is born in Australia with cerebral palsy and there is no known cure.

Brandon has physio and Botox to help his legs handle his growing and to keep him involved in the sport he loves and also has OT and speech. Brandon gets a lot of his strength from seeing what his sister goes through as his cerebral palsy is completely different to hers and he manages it very well but sometimes it does get on top of him especially at school.

Overall his parents think he’s a little champion and gets on with doing what he likes to do and is such a beautiful caring kid with a heart of gold which they do not want him to change.

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