Brave Boy Brax

Even before he was born, Brax’s mum, Brooke and dad, Gary knew that their little man was going to have it tough with having only one kidney. Unfortunately this wasn’t the only health complication Brax would have to recover from. Brax was diagnosed with VACTERL association, a rare disorder that affects multiple organ systems, including the heart and kidneys. In Brax’s case he was born with one kidney, a heart murmur and a number of other birth defects. Brax also suffered from ‘failure to thrive’.

Born without an anus, he was rushed to PMH for his first of over 28 surgeries. He has had a colostomy bag and still has a PEG for feeding – which he thankfully doesn’t use very often anymore. Unfortunately, Brax developed a staff infection at 13 months which damaged his one healthy kidney and put him into renal failure. So in November 2017, Brax had a kidney transplant which was donated by his mother.

Brax is still on a lot of medication which means that his cancer risk is very high. He has to be very careful in the sun and has regular testing. He also needs to be very careful around other children as his risk of infection is also very high. He has only recently gone swimming at the beach for the first time.

Brax has made an unbelievable recovery and continues to thrive since the surgery. So much so, he will be starting pre school next year. He is such a cute little man with so much personality. He just brings a smile to the face of everyone who meets him.

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