December Warrior – Calvary

“Life isn’t sure; life is scary. It doesn’t mean you stop living it.” – Susan May Warren

Calvary is a bubbly and happy 3-year-old girl who loves people and loves life! The most special relationships she has is with her older siblings and their pet dachshund named Dashy. She enjoys the playground; she is a little shy and stands back but just loves watching other children play. She also loves Peppa Pig, dinosaurs, ice cream, riding her bike, painting, bubbles and Baby Shark.

Being born prematurely at 35weeks was every day of uncertainty for this little angel and her family. She was flown to Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne immediately after birth by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to have her first Open Heart Surgery. They reconstructed her aortic arch and put in a conduit from her right ventricle to her pulmonary artery. Her heart was the size of a small strawberry and she outgrew the conduit within 7 months.

At 7 months old, she had her second Open Heart Surgery locally in Perth. During this time, she suffered a stroke and a cardiac arrest and required 4 mins of CPR. The stroke affected 10% of her brain although she is not showing obvious signs of it. About 2 weeks after her surgery, they did an emergency stent through her groin. She will have to face more Open-Heart Surgery in the future and her 6 monthly cardiology appointments are one of her family’s biggest stresses. Calvary and her parents have spent an large amount of time away from their older children because of the hospital admissions, which affects the family in a very big way.

Miraculously, she recovered from her stroke and even though 10% of her right hemisphere was affected, there are no visible weaknesses on either side of her body, she walks and moves as if she never had a stroke. This is because she is a very strong and resilient girl and has a loving family who is determined for her to have the best life she can do and celebrate all of her abilities. Calvary sees many specialists and allied health providers (speech, OT, physio, etc.) who she calls her ‘friends’ and they are supported by a very large church family who all love and adore her.

This girl is a true warrior who has survived and still surviving the test of life at a very young age. Yes, the battle has not ended yet for this little girl. And for her family, they may not know what the future will hold for her but what’s important for them is to know that the world and people will be kind to their little Calvary.

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