December Warrior-Emerson

Emerson’s is 8 and an amazing big sister to Luca who was November’s Warrior. Luca was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare grade 4 brain tumour (ATRT) in May 2020. This is a rare and fast-growing type of brain cancer. Luca had lots of treatment to treat this cancer including surgery ,7 months of chemo, three stem cell transplants, followed by six weeks of daily radiation under general anaesthetic. This meant from May 2020 – December 2020, Luca was in hospital for months at a time, so Emerson’s grandparents and aunties took turns moving into the house to look after her. Emerson didn’t get to see her Mum or sister much as they were always at the hospital. She missed her mum and big sister very much.

Unfortunately having such a sick sister took a big toll on Emerson. The happy, confident girl became very sensitive, and she lost her spark. She’s a very mature girl and understands a little too much sometimes. She gets very upset and stressed when she hears of other children relapsing, but thankfully she’s currently in play therapy to help bring her confidence and spark back.

Emerson is a sensitive soul, who loves music and dancing. She’s very active and spends a lot of time perfecting her acro tricks on the trampoline. She’s artistic and smart and is the BEST big sister to Luca. They love playing games together and building sandcastles at the beach. Emerson LOVES the Descendant movies, Lego, makeup, LOL dolls and has just started getting into the Babysitter Club books.

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