December’s Warrior – Jackson

Jackson (now 6) was a happy, healthy and bright 3 year old until his world was turned upside down. After numerous medical appointments and still no satisfactory answers, Jackson was taken to the emergency department. There his parents received the devastating news – their only son was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Jackson was immediately transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital where he began cancer treatment that very night. His condition became critical and he was moved to the Intensive Care Unit as his small body was shutting down, unable to cope with the extremely high levels of cancer cells in his blood. The little Warrior showed his determination and inner strength by pulling through! And so began his challenging new life living with cancer.

Jackson has been undergoing treatment for over 3 years, and is finally due to finish his ‘marathon’ in March 2017. For almost half his life, Jackson has spent countless days and nights in hospital receiving chemotherapy, radiation, blood transfusions and antibiotics for infection due to his weakened immune system.

Cancer has effected Jackson’s life in many ways. His vision has been permanently impaired, he missed over a year of schooling and struggles to keep up with his peers – in the early days he even lost the ability to walk. Jackson has a good chance at survival, however the late effects of his intensive and prolonged treatment are yet unknown.

Throughout his journey Jackson has been a true Warrior! He is always smiling and his courageous spirit is an inspiration to his family and friends. Through the darkness, Jackson’s light has shined bright.

Jackson likes hot wheels cars and tracks, riding his bike and scooter, Minecraft, playing with friends and his pet cat Jet.

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