February Warrior-Harvey

Harvey is a brave 4-year-old who in May 2021 was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. This is a cancerous (malignant) brain tumour that starts in the lower back part of the brain, called the cerebellum which is involved in muscle coordination, balance and movement. Harvey had to have major surgery (which took about 10 hours) to remove the tumour. He then underwent a second surgery a week later to place a shunt. In June 2021 he began intense chemotherapy. As a result of surgery Harvey developed posterior fossa syndrome – he lost the ability to move and talk, so he is also doing rehabilitation with physiotherapist and speech therapist.

Harvey’s family have had to relocate to Perth from Donnybrook for treatment so he won’t get to go home until treatment and rehab are finished. Harvey has spent majority of time in hospital since diagnosis and really misses home, the outdoors and especially his little 1yr old brother Teddy. He has suffered severe side effects during treatment. Although Harvey spent Christmas and New Years in hospital, he is now in the process of finishing up treatment and was able to celebrate his 4th birthday with family out of hospital.

Harvey loves to be in the outdoors going on walks or riding his bike. He loves to look for planes and helicopters, trains and rubbish trucks. When in hospital he likes to play with his hot wheel cars, his animals, sea creatures and dinosaurs, trains and construction machines. When Harvey grows up he wants to be a train driver. Harvey has his special Raccoon comforter “D” who he takes everywhere with him. D helps Harvey get through the hard times and procedures. Harvey has “D” with him all the time to help him through everything as well as his Mum and Dad. Harvey loves doing music therapy while in hospital and riding his bike around the ward if he is well enough.

Harvey really loves dinosaurs, especially T-Rex!. He also likes collecting hot wheels cars and likes construction vehicles.

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