February’s Warrior – Sophie

Sophie was initially diagnosed with osteosarcoma but developed cardiomyopathy as a consequence of treatment, and now has a heart pump (a ventricular assist device that performs the function of her left ventricle) and is waiting for a transplant.

She is a sweet, funny kid who is independent as well as strong. She loves her puppy, her friends, her cousins (& her parents!), creating with Lego, jazz and tap dancing and the water.

Her condition has limited what activities she can do (for example, sports like cricket & netball are out), and she is not allowed to swim. She has to be accompanied by a parent EVERYWHERE, as they carry spare batteries and a control device, in case the pump fails. Her family have had to relocate to Melbourne in order to wait for a heart. You can imagine how challenging that is!

Sophie handles her challenges magnificently, and with a stoicism that belies her years. She loves building and constructing Lego, Art, Drawing and Cooking, especially Baking.

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