January Warrior -Sienna-Violet

Sienna-Violet is such a vibrant little girl, she is adored by everyone that meets her. On the 26th of May 2020, Sienna-Violet was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukaemia (ALL) a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. Sienna-Violet is currently receiving chemotherapy and in the beginning, she spent almost a whole month in hospital on intravenous medications, now she has frequent outpatient appointments for treatment, some days we are there for the entire day from 7.30am, until 5pm and it takes it out of all of us. This treatment has some side effects she has lost her hair and it can make her feel sick, and all-round yucky, and she can be really miserable for the days following treatment days. We have good days and bad days. The good days are great, but the bad days are horrible. Sienna-Violet will be beginning the long term maintenance phase of chemotherapy in a few weeks which she is expected to continue for around 18 months.

Amazingly, Sienna-Violet is a very resilient little superstar, she is so very brave and copes extremely well, her medical team is astounded by how well she is dealing with everything at such a young age. Although her personality completely changed during the induction phase with all the steroids which were given to help with her treatment these made her like, an angry, hungry zombie that would only eat ham and potato chips. The steroids make them crave salt. Her mum and dad are glad that phase as passed.

Sienna-Violet is an only child, but she does have a big brother named Fletcher, in heaven watching over her. She loves spending time with her grandparents who live super close to her and Mum and Dad, and she also loves playing with all the kids when she goes to her hospital appointments. Unfortunately, due to her treatment, she can’t be immunised, so Mum and Dad can’t send her to play groups etc to interact with other kids there. Sienna-Violet has a passion for music and dancing, her favourite things at the moment are her black cat, Dave (he loves her too) cats in general, Elmo, bluey, stickers, bubbles, pop-up or lift the flap books and baby shark. I think her dream day would be having baby shark if your happy and you know it, and the bluey theme song playing in a loop, her dancing and eating cold meats and stone fruits with all her favourite people. 

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