January Warrior – Arlo

Arlo and his family are living in diagnosis limbo with no answers as to why he suffers from lung problems and swallowing issues that require him to have thickened fluids and the need for a hearing aid.

Despite these daily challenges, Arlo is such a bright happy child and no matter how sick he is he still knows how to laugh and make others laugh. He loves his older brother they have such a great bond they are the meaning of brothers! Arlo loves anything he’s so happy with anything he does!

Arlo has regular hospital appointment 2/3 a month with various different medical teams. Daily he requires chest physio, nebulisers, puffers, most time antibiotics and/or steroids.

He spent much of his early life in hospital so sadly his family missed that newborn stage and he was unable to enjoy life as much as a healthy child might. But he never ever let that stop him! He’s such a happy little man and takes it all in his stride

Arlo is such a trooper throughout all his treatments, he does everything he needs to with no questions. He loves singing with his brother Oliver or watching playschool. Arlo also loves animals and trying anything new.

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