January’s Warrior – Declan

Declan is 7, and has been battling cancer for nearly 4 years. When he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma just one week before his 4th birthday, he already had secondary cancer in 20% of his bones and bone marrow. His family had to relocate from Bridgetown so he could receive treatment. The initial 14 months of treatment involved intense chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy and stem cell transplant, and put him into remission.

Sadly after just 6 months he relapsed with a tumour in his hip. Declan and his family flew to Sydney 12 times in 14 months so he could take part in a ground-breaking clinical trial at Sydney Children’s Hospital, but just a month after completing the trial scans showed his tumour had grown. Declan has always managed to go to school and continue playing sport regardless, refusing to let his cancer slow him down.

In November, scans showed extensive progression of the disease throughout Declan’s spine, hips and abdominal area. He now requires regular doses of strong pain medications to keep him comfortable, and is undergoing further chemotherapy in hope that it will give him more time to enjoy with his loved ones.

Declan likes AFL football, swimming, basketball, wrestling with his Dad, scary rides.

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