January’s Warrior – Junior

Junior was born full term, a seemingly healthy 8lbs 5oz. Shortly after he was born, doctors noticed he wasn’t breathing properly and he looked quite blue. After stabilising him, they discovered he had a congenital cardiac anomaly and respiratory distress.

He had a major congenital heart defect known as Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return (TAPVR), and was immediately rushed to Princess Margaret Hospital. At 6 just days old he had heart surgery to correct the defect – and then spent the next 6 months at PMH recovering and fighting infection.

During this time his family also learned he had been diagnosed with a very rare genetic syndrome know as Cat Eye Syndrome – one of the main symptoms of which is Junior’s heart condition. Junior has been left quite dependent on PMH and their services due to his surgeries and the impact of what was wrong.

He is now 3.5yrs old and is doing really well. His heart is working beautifully he is bright and very happy. As a result of his Cat Eye Syndrome Junior is very tiny for his age – about the size of a 1 year old, and he struggles with global developmental delay which has affected his walking, talking and other milestones usually taken for granted.

Through all of this Junior has always had a smile and is just a lovely little guy. He is super excited to be starting kindy this year!

Junior loves playing with his brothers, sisters (he has 13 siblings!) and friends. He absolutely loves the pool and swimming.

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