January’s Warrior – Riley

Riley is living with chronic lung disease, and is looks forward to celebrating his 7th birthday in January!

He was very sick as a baby and was constantly in and out of hospital. Then he started getting chronic ear infections, to the point where they would ooze puss 24/7. His ENT referred him on to the respiratory department, who discovered he has floppy airways that trap mucus in his lungs, and diagnosed him with CLD.

He has had many surgeries and procedures including operations on his ears, CTs, investigative surgeries to work out what was wrong, washing out his lungs, PICC lines and port insertion/removal.

He used to require IV antibiotics via a PICC line (Peripherally inserted central catheter) every 8-12 weeks. When his veins started to collapse, he had a port surgically inserted in the wall of his chest. When he isn’t receiving IV antibiotics he has to take three oral antibiotics every day, and nebuliser twice a day.

Due to the strength of the antibiotics he needs to stay well, he has lost his hearing and now has to wear bilateral hearing aids.

Riley has suffered a lot of trauma due to the frequent needling and people having to hold him down to insert the PICC line or access his port. It’s lead to extreme anxiety which affects his day to day living.

Riley loves video games! He plays Minecraft, Five Nights At Freddy’s and Fortnite. He also loves Monopoly and swimming.

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