January’s Warriors of the Month – Milla and Harrison

To kick off the New Year with a bang, we are celebrating with our first ever Double Warrior Special! Please send individual cards to each child to acknowledge their amazing strength.

Milla and Harrison’s little brother has stage 4 high risk Hepatoblastoma – a rare form of liver cancer. They were just 5 and 3 when he was diagnosed on Milla’s very first day of full time school and Harrison’s first ever day of pre-kindy. Their Mummy and Daddy could not be there with them on their special days, or for six weeks afterwards as he started treatment.

Since then Milla (6) and Harrison (4) have been separated from their little brother and at least one of their parents for 195 days. Most often it is their mother who is tied to the hospital, as their baby brother is breastfed. Family time is spent in hospital rooms. Part of the treatment required travelling to Sydney for major surgery. Despite eventually flying both Milla and Harrison over to Sydney so the family could all be together, it was an extremely difficult, confusing and lonely time for the children.

They have had to endure seeing their little brother be violently ill from the treatments, and have been exposed to a world of hospitals and everything that goes with it. When their brother does get home, his level of care is so high with all his medications, dressings and needs that Milla and Harrison have to be patient, understanding and accepting of all the attention he receives.

They are the most wonderful children you will ever meet. They have been so incredibly resilient and amazing, always helping and looking after their little brother. They love nothing more than finding ways to make him laugh and cheer him up. Watching this and seeing how strong they are has helped get the family through this immensely difficult time. Every time a parcel is delivered to their house, they know it’s for their brother as he receives so many gifts, and although they try not to let it show, it is clear they are disappointed. We think it’s Milla and Harrison’s turns to feel special – please send individual cards for each of them to let them know they have not gone unnoticed.

Milla likes music, particularly Taylor Swift, Adele and Katy Perry. She loves dancing and Shopkins.

Harrison particularly loves the garbage truck, but likes any sort of trucks or trains and enjoys Lego.

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