July Warrior-Lucas

Lucas is an amazing little boy who turns 7 on 29th July. He is a very cute, happy, and caring little boy. Lucas was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) – a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow in November 2020 – 2 days before our wedding! Of course, it came as a massive shock to us all. Since his diagnosis Lucas has had multiple Lumbar Punctures, 2 surgeries and hundreds of doses of medications.

Lucas is currently receiving chemotherapy. He lost a bit of weight as we had a stint in hospital where he couldn’t eat for 9 days due the effects of the treatment. He is now back to eating normally and slowly gaining weight. Due to his treatment Lucas lost all his hair within 6 weeks, he used to have the most beautiful big lashes. He also gets sore joints due to his treatment. He finds it difficult when missing school or not seeing his friends at school due to the number of visits to PCH for treatment. Lucas is very resilient however and has a ‘can do’ attitude.

Lucas loves playing with his sister Lacey, his cousins and going to his Nanna’s house. His nanna has been a massive support for our family since we got the diagnosis.  Music has always made Lucas very happy. He is always singing and dancing to every song – no matter what era. Some of his favourites include Elton John and Queen!

Lucas is a big Minecraft, Pokémon, and Sonic fan. Lucas used to love riding his bike which he can’t do too much of anymore because his legs get sore. He also likes basketball. He likes playing games – loves going to Time zone but also loves playing on his iPad with his cousin Ella.

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