July’s Warrior of the Month – Emily

Emily was looking forward to life finally returning to normal in April, after her big brother finished treatment for osteosarcoma. Then, her big sister unexpectedly suffered a massive thrombotic stroke.

Although devastated by his diagnosis, Emily stepped up to help her brother through his treatment. She kept all his chores done, supported him at home, and kept in touch every day he was in hospital, playing Minecraft, chatting on-line and visiting whenever she could.

But Emily also struggled. She spent many lonely days after school without her brother there to talk to. Everyone asked about her brother, but very few asked how she was feeling. For the first time in her life, she spent a birthday morning without her mother and her brother by her side. Her birthday candles were blown out in the Family Room of the oncology ward without her brother, who was in isolation.

She missed out on her beloved Callisthenics competitions, and got used to hearing no far too often. She watched as special things happened for her brother – he met the Hawthorn football team, rode in a V8 super-car, and was sent cards and gifts from around the country, whilst she stood by the sidelines. Yet she still cheered the loudest and longest for every victory he had along the way.

Emily was devastated once more when her sister had a stroke – not for the impact of another unwell sibling, but for another sibling having to be in hospital now too. But she stepped up again, showing her super wheelchair driving skills racing her big sister around the hospital, doing her hair and keeping her company.

Emily is a super sibling, and this month we want to show her how amazing she really is!

Emily has competed in Callisthenics for 5 years, and loves all forms of dance. She also loves animals, particularly her dog, cat and 5 guinea pigs, and hopes to be a vet one day.

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