July’s Warrior of the Month – Hannah

May 2nd was an ordinary day for 6 year old Hannah, until she suddenly started vomiting, developed a fever and began having seizures. Her mother rushed her to hospital, where doctors were forced to place Hannah into an induced coma when they could not bring down her temperature or stop her seizures.

Hannah was put on a ventilator to help her breathe. Her doctors tried to remove the breathing tube each day, but Hannah would have multiple seizures – forcing them to put her back into a coma. This continued for the next 7 days until on Mother’s Day weekend Hannah had a huge stroke on the right side of her brain, causing her to lose function on the left side of her body. This was both a huge setback and the first step in Hannah’s recovery, because after the stroke she finally stopped having seizures.

Over the next 3 days the doctors slowly weaned Hannah off her morphine so they could wake her up and begin the recovery process. Hannah is now awake and out of intensive care, but she is still being assessed as her team develops a treatment plan for her recovery, which is expected to take at least 6 months.

Hannah is a gorgeous little girl and loves having her friends visit her in hospital. She is fighting hard despite the long road ahead of her, showing her true Warrior spirit!

Hannah loves dogs, craft, reading chapter books, the colour blue, and playing with her friends.

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