July’s Warrior – Quinten

Temple Grandin said “I am different, not less” and we think this is the best quote to use when we introduce you to our July Warrior – Quinten.

Quinten often feels like he is on the outskirts of social circles with his peers. He sees the other boys his age pair off with their best friends and longs for a day when he will be part of such a close relationship.

At age 11 Quinten has been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, ODD, COD, mood disorder, anxiety and depression. This has meant that Quinten has spent some time in hospital due to depression linked with his disabilities.

As you can imagine spending so much time in hospital and dealing with these challenges has left Quinten feeling very alone most of the time as he feels he doesn’t fit in anywhere.

Difficult as this is Quinten’s generosity knows no bounds. He is always giving and tries very hard to get his peers to like him. He is constantly searching for that person who will like him just for being him.

One of Quinten’s pursuits has been working on packs to hand out to the homeless in Perth with care items such as snack bars and he wants to buy water bottles and baby wipes to add to them when he saves some more money. Quinten knows that no matter how difficult he finds everyday life he still has the power to make a positive contribution to the community.

Quinten loves sports and is a very fast runner, in fact, he was champion boy runner last year for year 5 after winning lots of inter-school races and cross country. One day he aspires to be an Olympic runner he also plays rugby.
One of Quinten’s biggest loves is AFL and he thinks Nic Natanu is a superstar.

Quinten is a super generous boy who just wants to form friendships with people who value his unique gifts – he loves sports in particular and would love to hear from you.

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