June’s Warrior – Bodhi

Bodhi is a super sibling – an ordinary 7 year old boy who has seen and experienced many things that no child ever should.

In September 2016, Bodhi’s little sister was flown to PMH by the Royal Flying Doctor Service for an MRI, following which she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The tumour can’t be removed because it’s attached to her optic nerve, so she is under treatment to stop it from growing. Because she no longer has an IV line Bodhi thinks she is better, and finds it hard to understand why his sister still needs to go to the hospital and take up his Mum’s time.

The family have not been able to return home to Kalgoorlie since her diagnosis, which means that Bodhi was suddenly taken away from his home, his town, his friends and family. Bodhi has found this to be extremely challenging, and really struggles with how his life has changed. He misses his friends, family and his old lifestyle – but he tries every day to adapt to his new life.

Bodhi has been in ICU many time with his sister – he sticks right by her side and doesn’t want to leave her. He has been amazingly helpful with teaching her how to walk again. He puts on a brave face and looks like he’s coping very well from the outside, but sometimes when his guard comes down, he gets very frustrated.

His parents are incredibly proud of how caring and loving Bodhi is towards his sister. He is an incredible kid who just takes everything in his stride and is always looking for ways he can help.

Bodhi loves yellow, Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Beyblades, science experiments, camping, fishing and animals.

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