June’s Warrior of the Month – Henry

Henry was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in March 2015, just after his 2nd birthday. He is now 3, and is expected to continue treatment until September 2017. He had a port surgically inserted within a couple of days of diagnosis, as he was so hard to cannulate. Unfortunately this port got infected, so it had to be removed and then replaced with a new one.

After several months of intensive chemotherapy, Henry went into maintenance in September last year. During the maintenance phase he is treated with oral chemotherapy every day at home, and has regular visits to the hospital for blood tests as well as quarterly chemotherapy administered via lumbar puncture. He remained well up until January this year, when he began to not be himself. His doctors soon discovered that he was having low blood sugars due to one of his oral chemo drugs. His liver function had also become a bit of a concern.

He was taken off his chemotherapy, and spent 12 days as an inpatient while doctors tried to stabilize his condition. Henry underwent numerous tests including a CT scan, but must continue with his chemotherapy or risk the possibility of a relapse, which would necessitate a bone marrow transplant. Henry’s doctors are keeping a very close eye on him to prevent any further reactions to his chemo.

Despite being so miserable, Henry always does whatever the doctors ask of him. He is amazing – a little super hero and a true warrior!

Henry loves the Wiggles and Peter Coombe. He collects the Thomas mini blind bags and enjoys building things with Lego. He loves being outside and being pushed in his swing, and is a big fan of Woody and Buzz, Spider-Man, Superman and Captain America!

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