Little Heroes of Perth is the brainchild of Janet Pan, Perth artist and founder of Little Sketchy, a creator and retailer of colourful nursery-style prints.

Janet had been searching for a way to start something that made a positive impact on the world for some time. She started her business Little Sketchy as a way to use her creative talent to change the world – one smile at a time.

As she created bespoke artworks for her clients, she began to see the power of capturing stories and telling them in new ways. She was moved by how much these pieces meant to her customers. Families and children in particular seemed to love her work, and she began to think about how she might use this talent to help people who really needed it.

With the seed of an idea, Janet took to the social media world with the concept of creating artwork for children who were suffering life-threatening illness, disability, or were performing feats of superhuman strength. The response was overwhelming! Many families responded with their interest in being involved, and a number of other passionate creatives couldn’t wait to help out. And so Little Heroes of Perth was born!