Meet our current Little Hero!

The Story of Alice

Alice was just 7 months old when she was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, a tumour that had already started to spread. Now aged 2, she is currently in remission and loving life!

Nicknamed Ali Bally by her family, Alice has an intense love and zest for life, her family describes her as being “pretty crazy, in a good way”.

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Previous Little Heroes

The Story of Nora, the Ginger Ninja

Nora was only eight months old when she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that affects the nerve cells.

When mum Naomi first noticed that Nora was having trouble crawling and pulling herself up, the doctors assumed she had damaged a bone in her leg and put on a plaster cast. When Nora’s condition deteriorated, Naomi asked for a second opinion…

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The Story of Alyssa and Lachlan

Alyssa Bolger, 11, and her brother Lachlan, 10, both have autism. Alyssa also has epilepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), while Lachlan has a diagnosed anxiety disorder.

Together with their parents Rhona and Clay, they travel WA to speak to schools about life on the autism spectrum…

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The Story of Emily

Emily has an acquired brain injury as a result of having meningitis when she was just one month old. She is unable to walk, talk, sit up or control her arms and legs. She cannot eat or drink anything, so her nutrition is delivered directly to her heart.

The injury to Emily’s brain was so severe that she was not expected to live without life support. But this strong, determined little girl has just turned eight…

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The Story of Harlan

You can’t tell by looking at him, but patient, gentle little Harlan has been bravely battling multiple villains every day since he was a tiny baby.

The first sign that something was really wrong was at eight weeks old, when at home with his mum Becky, he just stopped breathing – going stiff, blue and foaming at the mouth…

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The Story of Poppy

We often hear children described as “little rays of sunshine.” It’s clichéd, but what does it really mean?

Sunshine chases away darkness, and warms everything it touches. It’s an undeniable source of strength, and when you add rain, you get a rainbow. Colourful, captivating, a little bit mysterious – symbolic of hope.

Herein lies the spirit of Poppy…

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The Story of Spencer and Ruby

How did you spend last Christmas?

For most families with a two year old, it’s a magical time. The little ones are just starting to understand, feeling the excitement of Christmas lights and parties, anticipating Santa’s arrival and a day filled with family, presents and fun.

Two year-old Spencer spent last Christmas recovering from brain surgery…

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The Story of Maddox

You may not have heard of Duchenne. I certainly hadn’t until I met Maddox. His mum Fiona explained to me that most people, even medical professionals, don’t know what it is. But Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the most common muscle disease of childhood, affecting one in every 3500 children. 

It has a 100% mortality rate. There is no cure…

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The Story of Finlay, the Fair Haired Hero

To his family, friends and supporters, he is Finlay the Fair-Haired Hero.

He might look like a normal, adorable little boy with chubby cheeks and a love of balls, but there is something about him that just radiates light and strength.

Finlay is a gentle, loving and sensitive little boy who loves small creatures…

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The Story of Amalie

When you meet five-year-old Amalie, her superpowers are working on you before you even realise it. This sweet, cheeky, happy little girl has the irresistible ability to make anyone smile!

But she’s been battling bad guys for most of her life…

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The Story of Thomas and Oli

The first time I meet Thomas, I get to see a superhero in action. As we sit talking with his mum Jane in the café at Princess Margaret Hospital, he silently reaches out his arm towards one of his doctors he’s spotted across the room.

“He’s using his superpower on him,” …

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The Story of Eva, Warrior Princess

Eva was two years old when she was diagnosed with Grade 2 ependymoma, a slow-growing tumour in the back part of her brain.

She first became unwell in December 2015. On seeking help, her mum Ariana was told multiple times by doctors that it was viral, until April when they finally ended up in the emergency department…

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The Story of Oli

I think we all need a little bit of Oli in us. Oli is like a bright shining star, overflowing with exuberance and joy.

His superpower is his happy personality. He is a true go-getter – and as Oli proudly declares, he is also a fast runner!…

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The Story of Ruby

Ruby was only seven months old when she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

Before Ruby had even turned one, she had endured six intensive rounds of chemotherapy, multiple lumbar punctures and major surgery. For Ruby’s parents, Emma and Joel, their lives were soon consumed with platelets, blood pressure, infections, hospital visits, blood counts and test results – the list goes on…

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The Story of Riley

Meet Riley, a cheeky little boy with an awesome sense of humour and endless energy (his superpower!). He loves playing with trucks and trains, and to see him running around the park and digging in the sandpit, you wouldn’t know that he also has leukaemia, enduring regular bouts of chemotherapy to battle his cancer…

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The Story of Rayaan

Rayaan, sometimes known as Little Buddha for his chubby appearance and calm nature, was a happy, healthy baby boy until he stopped breathing two weeks after his first birthday. He had no history of serious illness, there was no warning.

He endured setbacks and numerous tests before he was finally diagnosed with multisystem Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH)…
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The Story of Mackenzie

For some children, the path of life is a bumpy one – but determination, a happy disposition and family support help to smooth the way. Mackenzie’s path may have had bumps, may have bumps to come, but she is greatly loved. She is a source of strength to her family, loved for her smile, her determination, her chubby, kissable cheeks, chunky thighs and the way her laugh lights up the room. Her family wouldn’t change her for the world…

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The Story of Emily

After Emily was born at 29 weeks gestation, her parents were told that she might not live, might not walk, and might not ever talk.

But Emily’s superpower is the power of positivity, and ten years later this vibrant, determined little girl will tell you very clearly:

“I can do anything if I put my mind to it.”

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The Story of Charlotte

Charlotte has Rett Syndrome – a severe genetic disorder in which the brain does not mature in the way it should. She going on the swing, and even though her current favourite colours for choice of outfit are black and white, she has always loved pink, purple, sparkles, glitter and sequins!

Charlotte’s superpower is the ability to use anyone else’s super power when needed.

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The Story of Katie

Katie’s smile is the first thing you notice about her – broad and cheekily beaming. Her smile is her superpower, bringing joy to everyone around her. Yet beneath that smile is a life where challenges are many, and strength and positivity abound.

Katie lives with Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which affects all aspects of her life. But Katie refuses to be defined by her condition, and does not let it affect her outlook or dampen her spirit.

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The Story of Imogen

Picking just one favourite thing about your child is no easy feat for any parent. Brooke, mother to 5 year old Imogen, certainly found it a challenge. She told us: “I love everything about her. She is perfect to me. Her smile, her giggle, everything.”

But when pressed to highlight Imogen’s superpowers, Brooke didn’t hesitate to talk about how much she admires Imogen’s drive. “She just gives 1000 percent to everything and doesn’t ever give up”

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The Story of Jasper

Diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) a few months after birth, Jasper was basically born without an immune system, having no T or NK cells, making him extremely vulnerable to any and all infections.

After an incredibly rough road filled with many scary infections, a week in ICU and only being given a 50% chance of survival heading into treatment, Jasper is now fighting fit and into everything. He’s no longer on meds and only needs checks every couple of months at the moment.

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The Story of Téa

If there is one thing that everyone agrees on, it’s that Téa is certainly cheeky. Tete (Taytay) or Principessa/ Princess as she is fondly known at home (or sometimes Poopants which she is not a fan of) has the gift of being able to win the heart of everyone who meets her.

Téa inspires her parents daily with her strength and determination, these qualities encourage others to strive to be better people. Whilst Téa has an ingredible strength and resilience her parents have the constant anxiety of the day she will tired of her incredible battle.

Read more of Téa’s story here.

The Story of Lucy

With her joyful smile, big blue eyes and super-long eyelashes, Lucy brightens every room she walks into. Her cuddles are her super-power – when Lucy wraps her arms tightly around you, it’s impossible not to feel happy!

From the cheeky smile on her face and the way she makes everybody laugh, you’d never guess that Lucy suffered from Mid-Aortic Syndrome – a very rare condition in which part of the aorta (the heart’s largest blood vessel) that runs through the chest and abdomen becomes narrow.

Read more of Lucy’s story here.