March Warrior-Jayden

Jayden is 7 years old and was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) (a type of blood cancer in January 2021. He is an energetic, happy go lucky boy, always has a smile and tries to see the positive in life. Jayden’s treatment required him to have intense chemotherapy which lasted 4 weeks. He had to have his first port removed a few months into treatment due to getting an infection they couldn’t get on top of. He spent many days unable to leave his room. Jayden is still in the maintenance phase for his blood cancer treatment. This involves monthly blood tests and doctor check-ups, daily chemo meds and three-monthly lumber punctures. Getting his does right so his blood counts don’t drop to low has been very tricky, so we have had to go up weekly due to his blood counts being too low to safely administer the chemotherapy drugs. It’s Jayden’s Birthday on 31st of March and he will have to have treatment that week

Jayden doesn’t get to do the things he wants to due to being immune comprised.  Socializing before cancer was hard due to his autism and now it’s even harder. Because his bones can break easily, he cannot participate in motorbike riding. We have spent the last 12 months isolated away from family due to sickness. Visiting his extended family has not happened due to him not being able to travel to far from the specialised hospital that treats him. He doesn’t get to play with school children at lunch because of sun exposure and bugs. His fine motor skills had deteriorated since treatment. He also gets fatigue very quickly so keeping up with everyone is very tiring. Jayden’s family help him with lots of cuddles and chats but there are still tears during treatment as it’s often painful.

Jayden loves computers, gaming (Xbox) and most thing technological things.  He loves keys and things that lock (safes, padlocks, key lock boxes). When Jayden grows up, he would like to become a policeman. Jayden is the youngest of three children, older sister Matilda who he loves very much and an older brother Connor. He is very close to his nanna and loves spending time with her and creating memories. He has a rabbie (his soft toy rabbit) he has had since a baby that comes everywhere. Jayden loves Xbox, computers, motorbikes, Spiderman, the police, and Lego.

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