March’s Warrior – Oliver

Oliver is an energetic happy child despite being diagnosed with
non-verbal level 2&3 Autism, High risk B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Global developmental delay.

One of the biggest challenges for Oliver is that he can’t speak. However, he loves everything especially playing with other kids, music, Mickey Mouse, the Wiggles, Paw Patrol and cars like Blaze. Oliver always has a smile even when he is sick.

As part of his treatment, Oliver has to go in for regular chemotherapy, lumbar punctures, and he takes a few oral medications.

One of the biggest challenges for Oliver is the lack of social life. Because his immunity is really low during this course of treatment he isn’t able to go out much so he doesn’t get to really play with kids. The other challenge for his family is finding time for him to get therapy done for speech amongst his other treatments. On his worst days, he struggles with being scared to sleep alone.

Oliver’s mum is a big support for him, right by his side reassuring him that it’s ok. Because he is unable to talk his mum is vital to him being able to stay calm and ensures he has a calm environment during treatment.

Oliver loves almost everything! He watches almost everything on tv, loves animals and he will literally smile at anything.

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