May Warrior Mahalia

Mahalia is 8 years old and the sister of last month’s warrior Morgan who was is diagnosed at 4 with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Mahalia is such a caring little soul who looks after Morgan’s and feels her pain.

Childhood cancer treatment takes it’s toll on all family members including siblings who experience the effects of the treatment and the changes in family life. Morgan’s treatment means Mahalia’s mum often has to spend nights in hospital away from Mahalia. This is hard for her and she misses both her mum and her little sister who she loves very much. Morgan’s chemotherapy makes her immune suppressed and vulnerable to infections. But this also means that Mahalia often has to miss events and activities in order to keep her little sister safe.

Mahalia loves arts and crafts, she’s a great singer and dancer and has found a new love and talent in soccer this year. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, skateboarding and surfing with her dad.

Mahalia is a fabulous support to Morgan and when Morgan is in Hospital she always Face times and tries hard to make her laugh when she isn’t feeling that well. She always supports her at home and school and makes sure Morgan is safe. Your letters and notes would be a great way to support her as she supports her sister.

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