May’s Warrior – Angus

In April 2014, Angus started to complain about a sore leg. He was a normal, active boy – riding bikes and playing footy, so at first his parents thought nothing of it. But the ache didn’t really go away, and one day his mum offered to rub his achey leg… And felt a lump. By chance, Angus’s mum had a childhood friend who was diagnosed with bone cancer 25 years earlier, so took him to the GP the next day, and told him she thought it was cancer. Just 4 weeks later Angus was officially diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. He had a large, aggressive tumour in his tibia, but thankfully it was caught early and hadn’t spread.

Angus had 18 rounds of fortnightly chemotherapy, and a bone transplant to save his leg after the tumour was removed. He has been in remission since April 2015 – but unfortunately his cancer just keeps on giving.

Now 16, Angus recently got his L plates and was looking forward to learning to drive. But unfortunately, the plates holding his donor bone in place have failed, and the bone union to his allograft has collapsed. This means he will need further reconstructive surgery to straighten his leg which has collapsed on one side and become quite bowed and hopefully save the donor bone, and protect his knee and ankle joints from future problems. His orthopaedics team expect the surgery will involve external fixation, meaning he will have a cage on his leg for up to 12 months following the operation to keep it completely stable as it heals.

Despite the trauma of his treatment and the incredible amounts of hard work he’s had to put in over recent years, Angus is an incredible young man. He is a proud advocate for Plus Life and has spoken publicly about his story to raise awareness of the importance of tissue donation. Last year he was nominated for a community award celebrating academic achievement and was top of his class in science. He has shown bravery, compassion, and humor in the toughest of times, and continues to inspire those around him every day.

Angus is a big gamer – he loves Call of Duty, car racing games and classic Nintendo. He goes for Hawthorn and Arsenal. He’s currently studying a mechanics certificate, and loves the colour purple!

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