May’s Warrior of the Month – Blair

11 year old Blair was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss in both ears at the age of 2. He was fitted with hearing aids straight away, but due to his hearing loss he still has some auditory processing issues which mean he struggles with oral communication, reading and retaining information.

When he was in year 2, Blair was diagnosed with ADHD, which has compounded the difficulties presented by his hearing loss. Now in year 5, Blair has recently been diagnosed with anxiety and has also been referred to the Disability Service Commission to be assessed for autism.

Blair struggles socially, emotionally and academically. He works hard at school but still has a long way to catch up to his peers – especially in English and reading. However, Blair absolutely loves maths and dreams of one day becoming an engineer! He excels in Turbo Javelin and has represented the school at the Interschool Championships for the past 2 years, this year receiving 3rd place.

Blair loves his dog Henry and takes great pride in looking after him. In his spare time Blair loves to build things (especially planes!) out of anything he can get hold of – pieces of wood, boxes etc. Blair also loves to fly remote controlled aeroplanes and is great at performing aerobatics with them!

Blair likes planes, mathematics and engineering, building things and his dog Henry!

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