Meet Caleb

A beautiful little boy who has had it tough from his very first breath. He has had a cough since birth and didn’t put on weight or grow. He was never supposed to crawl, walk or talk. Truth be known, the doctors didn’t think he would live past his fifth birthday – but he celebrated his 6th birthday a few months ago and is still going strong.
A CT scan at six weeks old discovered that one and a half of Caleb’s lungs were filled with fluid. This is when he was diagnosed with Bronchial Trachial Malia (this is where tubes going to his lungs are paper thin). Unfortunately, this was the first of many diagnoses and tests that Caleb would have to endure.
An MRI indicated that he has cysts on the frontal part of his brain and white matter on his brain. All this on top of his epilepsy and autism diagnoses. He was diagnosed with silent aspiration, so he needs thickened fluids – he’s fed via a peg and uses a wheelchair while out and about, and his lowered immune system means he has to be careful about where he goes and what he does.

Caleb has been on antibiotics since he was three months old. At 14 months he started having the antibiotics intravenously which has helped him. This means every three months for 2 weeks he receives the antibiotics intravenously, and he continues to have antibiotics constantly for his cough.

You would think all of this would be more than most little boys could cope with, but not Caleb. He loves spending time with his older brother Deegan who is Caleb’s best friend, at home OT and speech therapist. He’s always smiling, and hospitals have always been part of his life so he likes to go in and see everyone.
Caleb continues to baffle his doctors and specialists. He loves to show everyone what he can do – and he isn’t done yet.

Caleb likes playing on his Playstation, the red Hulk, Pokemon Meows, Power Rangers, Fremantle Dockers, Ninjago and Star Wars.

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