Unique Personal Soft Sculptures

Monsters Created engages West Australia’s teenage community to be a vital part of bringing joy and comfort to the states sickest kids.

Children facing serious and life threatening illnesses and disabilities endure many varied terrifying and traumatic experiences. Monsters Created aims to ease those experiences whilst also bringing awareness of the challenges some kids face every day to our teenage community.

Why Teenagers?
Our teenagers are our next nurses, doctors, GPs, specialists, oncologists, researchers, teachers, mental health workers, other health professionals – and the list goes on. They can often feel like there is little they have control of and few ways they can help. Monsters Created gives them a way to help, an opportunity to learn, a place to build on their compassion, to express their creativity and to bring smiles to those that need them the most.

How does it work?
Families with a child aged from 5-10yrs who is facing a serious illness or disability can register their child with Monsters Created. The child will be guided through designing and drawing a picture of what their very own Warrior Monster would look like. Children will be able to design a monster they feel they could tell all their worries too. A monster that could scare their deepest fears away. A monster that could cheer them up when they are feeling sad. A monster that could make them feel safe when they feel scared! A Warrior Monster!

These drawings will then be sent or delivered to the teacher contact at selected schools to distribute to the students involved in the project. This will be an ongoing collaboration with each school for as long as they wish to participate. A school may get 1-20 designs per month depending on the number of registrations. Each student will then use a child’s drawing to create a soft sculpture (sculpture made from soft materials) of the Warrior Monster. There is a list of safety guidelines that the students must follow during the creation process. Please read the safety guidelines page.

Once completed, the drawings are returned and the soft sculptures gifted to the child.

In some circumstances, if it can be arranged and is suitable, the student may be able to personally deliver their creation to the child that they have made the sculpture for. In other circumstances it can be posted. With permission from families and with the child and the student’s permission, photos may be taken and shared with each other and on Monsters Created and Communified social media accounts.


The soft sculptures are not intended to be used as toys, teddies or other comfort items. They are pieces of art lovingly handmade by high school students to bring a sick child’s imagination to life. It is up to parents to decide how safe and appropriate the sculpture is for their child to interact with.

By registering their child with Monsters Created parents agree to release Monsters Created and Communified from any and all liability which may arise from the gift received.