November Warrior-Luca

Luca is a brave amazing little girl who was diagnosed with Grade 4 ATRT Brain Cancer when she was 3 years old. This is a rare and fast-growing type of brain cancer. Luca has had lots of treatment to treat this cancer including an 8-hour surgery to remove the tumour. She then had 7 months of chemotherapy with three stem cell transplants. Followed by six weeks of daily radiation under general anaesthetic. She has just finished 16 weeks of a 48-week chemotherapy clinical trial (which involved chemotherapy five nights a week). She had to pull out of the trial as it caused too many horrible side effects, including anorexia (not having any appetite or wanting to eat) and refeeding syndrome. She still has to attend the hospital to monitor how she is going. She’ll have scans every 3 months for the foreseeable future as this type of cancer is very aggressive.

Luca has missed out on being a little kid. She’s still learning to be around people again after being in isolation for so long and has had to relearn how to walk, and share (were still working on that last one haha). Luca has just had her feeding tube removed so she is also now learning how to eat and drink again.

Luca has a huge support group behind her. Her biggest fan is her older sister, Emerson who is the best big sister ever. Her amazing kindy teacher comes to our house to work with her one-on-one to keep her up to date with school (since school can be very overwhelming for a little girl who has had a lot of brain trauma), and we have an amazing family who helps every day.

Luca is in love with music, unicorns, rainbows, the colour red and all things “girly”. She loves to dance and has a heart of gold. Her dream day would be a trip to the snow with Anna and Elsa to build snowmen. Luca loves all things girly and crafty!

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