November’s Warrior of the Month – Chayse

In 2014, when Chayse was not quite 3 years old, his baby sister was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. Chayse spent the majority of the next 6 months in day care or with other family members, sidelined as his parents focused on treating his sister’s cancer.

After she went into remission, family life returned to normal and Chayse was able to enjoy having his whole family at home again. Always close, the bond between Chayse and his sister flourished. Sadly, 15 months later the cancer returned. Since her relapse, Chayse’s sister has spent a full 6 weeks in hospital with only one day leave, and will spend many more weeks in hospital as she undergoes chemotherapy and ultimately receives a bone marrow transplant.

Once again, Chayse, now 4, has to cope with spending every day in care, and having only one parent home at night – when he isn’t having sleepovers with family or friends. He is being exposed to a world of doctors, hospitals, scans, surgery, toxic treatments and mortality – things that nobody wants their young child to see.

Chayse is a super sibling – a fabulous big brother with a heart of gold. He adores his little sister, and she looks up to him, taking strength from her big brother’s love.

Chayse loves the Octonauts, has a pet fighting fish, and enjoys playing outdoors!

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