November’s Warrior – Sahara

Sahara, a 10-year-old cat-crazy girl has finally finished her treatment! Yes, she is completely into cats! So, if she is not watching a cat channel on YouTube, it will be arts and crafts videos. Her idea of a perfect day or her dream is a day filled with cats and running on the beach with them.

At a young age, Sahara has received surgery due to a brain tumor as well as radiation, and chemotherapy. After surgery, she had a minor stroke and also developed Posteria Fossa Syndrome which put her in a wheelchair and caused other invisible disabilities that affect her daily life. But for this young girl’s family, there is no such thing as giving up. Like any other child, what she needs is a strong support system filled with love and care from her family and friends and she certainly has that.

Sahara is currently doing Hippotherapy to help with balance, Physio, occupational speech therapy and psychology. These treatments along with the help of the people around her means she is able to live like other girls her age – studying, reading, doing extracurricular activities, even if not to the same extent. Sahara, is now doing a solo ballet class and swimming lesson called S.A.I.L (special assist and inclusion lesson).

Sahara loves ballet, swimming, reading and cats. She would love to hear from you!

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