October Warrior-Fleur

Fleur was diagnosed with brain cancer in December 2018 when she was 12 years old and had to have major surgery to remove a large brain tumour. Unfortunately, before and during the surgery Fleur had several strokes which have left her paralysed completely on her right side.

While she was incredibly brave throughout treatment, it was hard for her to walk and move about. Over the last year(s) she received intensive physio, speech and occupational therapy and special medication to manage remaining tumours residing in her brains and spine.

Unfortunately, regrowth of an aggressive tumour required another major surgery recently. Fleur continues to receive special medication and she is still fighting the battle to beat cancer and will be starting radiation therapy soon to help destroy the rest of the brain tumours. Personalised therapy will also continue to manage the effects of the stroke, helping her gain strength and control over the right side of her body.

Fleur loves going to school as much as she can, finding it frustrating sometimes that her speech is not so good as before, but she has amazing friends that understand her and are always there for her, with love and attention, as she continues to fight this battle.

Fleur is the youngest of three sisters and she is a very beautiful bubbly spontaneous young lady who likes Taekwando. Even though she has this terrible illness, Fleur managed to get her red belt and hopes to be at black belt level one day.

Fleur also likes unicorns, flowers, Minnie Mouse and everything else from Disney. She loves her family, her dog Dory and her friends. Her dream is to go camping and see some dolphins, and she loves any silly photos or happy cards.

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