October Warrior-Scarlett-Monique

Scarlett-Monique is 8 years old and was diagnosed with b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in March 2021. ALL is a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. She is an incredible girl who hasn’t lost any of her sass and courage and has a tremendous amount of strength. She received immunotherapy while recovering from lung surgery but now has started her 3rd round of chemotherapy and is doing extremely well. 

Scarlett-Monique has endured so many hiccups with fracturing her foot and having some of her right bottom lung removed due to a fungus (pneumonia). She was in hospital for 74 days straight and has been home for a few weeks. She is feeling better but still isn’t herself. She is slowly getting her spark back, but this is a lot for a small child to endure. Scarlett has only been able to manage 4 full days of school since being diagnosed and she’s missing her friends and her favourite teachers.

Scarlett-Monique finds the treatment very hard and locks herself away at home on her iPad watching YouTube videos and playing Fortnite. Her brothers, Chace (12) and Levi (4), think she is a superhero and love her and worry about her all the time especially when we go into the hospital and don’t come home for a few days due to fevers. She has become a massive fan of Home and Away and can’t miss an episode. She loves art and crafts, music, her dolls and her animals. We have a few animals Jax & Tokyo our dogs who follow her and protect, then we have our cats Bruno & Tilda and then a few smaller ones a rabbit Lilo and 2 guinea pigs Arlo and Spot.

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