October’s Warrior of the Month – Jaxon

Jaxon is 5. At just 6 months old, he was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms’ tumour – cancer on both his kidneys. After surgery to remove half of his right kidney and 6 weeks of chemotherapy, a CT scan showed another tumour had grown and he underwent surgery again to remove the remainder of his right kidney. This was followed with 6 months of chemotherapy, after which Jaxon achieved remission.

Scan after scan the left side tumour showed no progression, but after 3 years of clear scans, just days after his mother was diagnosed and began treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma, Jaxon’s oncologist noticed a spot on his left kidney. They scheduled another follow up scan in 3 months time, and his mother completed her chemotherapy (with radiotherapy still to come) 5 days before the second scan showed what everyone feared – Jaxon had relapsed.

On Christmas Eve 2014, Jaxon had his first dose of chemotherapy to shrink the new tumour prior to surgical removal, in the hopes that most of his left kidney could be saved to avoid a transplant. During this time, his mother continued her treatment with radiotherapy.

On May 1st this year, Jaxon had surgery to remove the tumour. Doctors succeeded in saving two thirds of his remaining kidney, but with unclear margins on the tumour it was decided he would need to receive radiation in addition to the planned 35 weeks of chemotherapy. Following his surgery, Jaxon suffered extreme and uncontrollable bouts of abdominal pain, and at the end of July exploratory surgery finally discovered that parts of his bowel were stuck together from his last surgery, creating a blockage.

Jaxon’s treatment is scheduled to finish at the end of October, and we want to make it extra special for this brave little Warrior!

Jaxon loves football – particularly the Eagles! He likes most sports, enjoys playing mini golf, likes Mario Kart and Minions. Jaxon’s favourite colour is red.

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