October’s Warriors – Jonte and Johnas

This month we’re running a Double Warrior Special! Please send individual cards to each child to acknowledge their amazing strength.

Jonte (6) and Johnas (4) are superstar big brothers whose lives changed dramatically when their baby sister suddenly lost all movement in her legs and torso, and doctors discovered a cancerous tumour called a neuroblastoma wrapped around her spinal cord.

So many things have changed in Jonte and Johnas’s lives since the diagnosis, but they have not complained once. When they’ve been unwell, or if their sister had to go into hospital, the boys have been sent off to their grandparents’ house. Their mother could no longer always be there for them. Their grandmother from Austria moved in to help the family, and suddenly the language spoken at home became German! They have missed school, and they have had to learn to be extra careful with cleanliness and hygiene around the house.

Jonte is 6, and is a very caring young boy who loves his little sister like crazy. He always has a beautiful smile on his face and likes to help others. The empathy he shows towards everyone, but especially his towards his mum, is truly heartwarming. Just a month after his sister’s treatment started, Jonte shaved his head for the World’s Greatest Shave, to raise money “for chemo, because Nora has chemo” – and he raised $820 all by himself!

Johnas is an interesting little character, a real all rounder. He loves both boys and girls stuff, and will happily wear a super hero costume one minute and a tutu the next. Even though he is only 4, he is showing a deep understanding of the journey his family is on. He has been so helpful and caring and loves to see his little sister smile.

Jonte and Johnas have seen more than any child should, and have been through so much as their baby sister battles with cancer. The boys have been the best medicine for their sister – supporting her, encouraging her, making her laugh, loving her and praying for her. The first time she smiled after being diagnosed was when Jonte and Johnas walked into the room, and it was at that moment her parents realised how important her brothers would be on her journey. They are just incredible and are true Warriors, walking side by side with their sister and helping her to fight!

Jonte likes Lego, playing soccer, collecting AFL cards, cars, trucks, music, bike riding, motor bikes, 4WD stuff, camping, skiing, visiting family in Dongara and Austria, moster trucks, fire, police and ambulance.

Johnas likes Lego, music, movies, super heros, Frozen, fairies, dress-ups, bikes, skiing, visiting family in Dongara and Austria, Paw Patrol, fire, police and ambulance.

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