Girl On Elephant – Mackenzie


Elephants are said to represent prosperity, good luck, and success – making this elephant art print the perfect artwork for a girl’s bedroom or nursery.

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This cute elephant artwork was created as a gift for Mackenzie through our Little Heroes of Perth project.

Mackenzie’s path may have had bumps, may have bumps to come, but she is greatly loved. She is a source of strength to her family, loved for her smile, her determination, her chubby, kissable cheeks, chunky thighs and the way her laugh lights up the room. Her family wouldn’t change her for the world.

Determination is her superpower, as though she wants to prove the experts wrong, to achieve things they said were not possible.

Read more of Mackenzie’s story here.

Bring the joy and inspiration of Little Heroes of Perth into your own home!<All proceeds help Communified to continue supporting children who have a serious illness or disability and their families./em>

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White Frame 30×40 cm, Unframed A4 print