What is Dial An Elf?

Dial An Elf is our flagship project, conceived by childhood cancer activist Jess Hayes as part of a university project in 2011, and the reason Communified (Inc) was founded.

Dial An Elf is an online micro-volunteering portal designed to connect families with volunteers in their area. There is no regular commitment required, and volunteers can choose what they do and when. Even just 5 minutes to take out bins or feed a family pet can make a world of difference when a child is hospitalised, giving parents the freedom to remain with their child rather than having to go home to attend to these chores.

Volunteers are also encouraged to offer their services when they are available, as many families feel more comfortable accepting an offer than asking for help.

Although we try to make volunteering as simple as possible, for the protection of our families it is necessary for new volunteers to be screened by Communified (Inc) before being granted access to the website.

We have therefore developed two levels of volunteer, to make it easier for those who want to help out, and reduce the overhead of unnecessary screening.


Helpers may assist with household chores such as cleaning, laundry, gardening, dog walking, mail collection, grocery shopping and meal preparation.

They are to have no contact with children and only limited contact with parents.

Anyone wishing to volunteer as a Helper will be required to:

  • provide a national police clearance, and
  • complete a short phone interview.


Carers can provide a variety of services such as in home child care, hospital support, outings for siblings, and transport services.

Those wishing to volunteer as Carers are required to:

  • hold a valid Working With Children card,
  • consent to a national police clearance check,
  • complete a face to face interview, and
  • attend a half-day training session.

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