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Children who spend a lot of time in hospital struggle with isolation and loneliness, missing large amounts of school, sports and leisure activities. Their siblings often also feel lonely and forgotten, as all the attention focuses on the child who is fighting.

Every month, Warrior Mail features a local Perth child who is doing it tough in their fight with a serious illness or disability, or one of their siblings. We will share their stories of bravery and hope, and encourage you to send cards or letters bearing messages of support, strength and love to lift their spirits.


Bringing a smile to a child is as simple as a few words, a handmade card or a drawing. Get your school, sports club, retirement village or community group on board and help brighten a Warrior’s day!

September’s Warrior – Maddie

Maddie’s journey has been quite complicated right from the beginning. She initially spent 7 days in ICU when she was diagnosed with AML on 6th January 2018.

She had a stroke a few days later as a result of the leukemia, which caused her to go blind and left her with some weakness on her left side. She had three seizures a couple of weeks later which put her back into ICU for a few more days. She had a severe case of pneumonia which delayed one of her rounds of chemo for a few weeks and she had one more scare nearly a month ago when she had another seizure with a few additional complications.

Maddie’s treatment for AML was 5 rounds of chemo, which she has now completed. On the 2nd August after more than 200 days in hospital she was allowed to go home.

She still has a very long road ahead of her with her treatment but the biggest adjustment in her life right now is learning to navigate the world being a visually impaired 10 year old girl.

Maddie hasn’t attended school this year and she probably won’t be returning to school until next year. She will need a full time education assistant with her at all times who will be fully trained in braille. Maddie has been learning braille for a few months now and she absolutely loves it. Her braille teacher visits her three times a week and is amazed at how quickly Maddie is picking it up.

Maddie started dancing when she was 2 years old and it is the one thing she has missed the most since her diagnosis. She is hoping she will be able to dance again once she is stronger.

Maddie can’t wait until she can read her favourite books again, especially Harry Potter. She loves listening to books on her audio player and she loves listening to music, especially Harry Styles, 5SOS & Pink.

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