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Children who spend a lot of time in hospital struggle with isolation and loneliness, missing large amounts of school, sports and leisure activities. Their siblings often also feel lonely and forgotten, as all the attention focuses on the child who is fighting.

Every month, Warrior Mail features a local Perth child who is doing it tough in their fight with a serious illness or disability, or one of their siblings. We will share their stories of bravery and hope, and encourage you to send cards or letters bearing messages of support, strength and love to lift their spirits.

Bringing a smile to a child is as simple as a few words, a handmade card or a drawing. Get your school, sports club, retirement village or community group on board and help brighten a Warrior’s day!

This Month’s Warrior

June Warrior – Riley

Riley is an energetic and cheeky  7-year-old and is currently in year three at school. Riley has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy which is neurological condition which can cause a range of motor and movement disabilities. He also has Epilepsy which is  a chronic disorder that causes recurrent seizures. A seizure is a sudden rush of electrical activity in the brain.

Riley  also has autism and an intellectual disability. Riley is brave but he has to have lots of medical appointments, and he suffers extreme anxiety around anything he can’t control especially medical issues.

Riley has physio weekly, and Occupational and speech therapy regularly too. He has regular appointments at PCH for lots of different reasons! In December he had major surgery on his hips and lower legs to try and help him walk better. He used to only walk on his tippy  toes but can now walk flat on his feet! Riley’s conditions make it very hard for him to keep up with his peers as he tires very easily and falls a lot so has to use a wheelchair  and walker.

Riley has two twin sisters Ellie and Kailea. His sisters are a great support in explaining things to him in a way he can understand. Riley has 3 cats called Ziggy, Izzy and Skitty! He also has 3 fish! Riley’s favourite  thing to do at school is visit the sensory room. Riley loves to play video games and loves anything to do with water and swimming. He also likes Roblox, nerf guns, anything that glows or lights up.


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