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Children who spend a lot of time in hospital struggle with isolation and loneliness, missing large amounts of school, sports and leisure activities. Their siblings often also feel lonely and forgotten, as all the attention focuses on the child who is fighting.

Every month, Warrior Mail features a local Perth child who is doing it tough in their fight with a serious illness or disability, or one of their siblings. We will share their stories of bravery and hope, and encourage you to send cards or letters bearing messages of support, strength and love to lift their spirits.

Bringing a smile to a child is as simple as a few words, a handmade card or a drawing. Get your school, sports club, retirement village or community group on board and help brighten a Warrior’s day!

This Month’s Warrior

September Warrior- Fletcher

Fletcher is an incredible brave four year old who was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma when he was 3.5 (Feb 2021). This is a type cancer of the brain or central nervous system. He had surgery to remove the tumour on 17th February 2021 and a second surgery on the 1st March 2021 to insert a shunt.

He is currently receiving mega chemotherapy (intense therapy which he has (he has 6 rounds of chemo which has him staying in hospital for 4 weeks at a time) which makes him very sick and means he has to spend a lot of time in hospital. He copes with his treatment and circumstances like a champion!!

Pre-diagnosis Fletcher was an adventurer. Every day his mum and him loved to go on adventures. Due to posterior fossa syndrome (damage to his brain due to the cancer) surgery Fletcher still isn’t able to walk. This has meant he isn’t able to go on outdoor adventures so much. He is working very hard to get stronger (He’s has some physio sessions in hospital but mostly him and his family just play which strengthens his core and legs and has aided in his recovery)

Fletcher is absolutely OBSESSED with garbage trucks. He has every garbage truck toy imaginable and had a very special garbage truck themed 4th birthday party during treatment. His mum truly believes that playing trains & trucks all day long has assisted in him working on his core strength which has lead to a lot of independent moving.

The only thing that Fletcher is more in love with than rubbish trucks is his 10 month old baby brother Sulli. They play and laugh all day long and he is a very very loving big brother. Fletcher loves to sing songs, laugh and parrot anything and anyone within earshot. He keeps all his nurses and doctors giggling and laughing with his crazy sense of humour. He loves playing trains, watching Peppa pig, and when home being hands on cooking and baking.


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