Keep Our Kids Safe

There are a number of special considerations that need to be understood and followed when creating a Warrior Monster soft sculpture for children with serious illnesses and disabilities.

1. Often times these children will be dealing with reduced immune systems and a higher risk of developing life threatening infections. Some children need to be isolated and everything that comes into contact with the child has to be sterilised. It is important that their soft sculpture is made with good quality, clean materials. Ideally it will be washable or able to be hand washed and sun dried.

2. Many medical procedures these kids go through involve magnetic imaging. For X-rays, MRIs, CTs and surgeries the children are not permitted to have anything metal at all. Please make sure there is absolutely no metal in any of the fabrics, materials and attachments (such as zips, buttons etc.) you use so that their very special Warrior Monster can be a support for them and they can cuddle them during these procedures.

3. Please be mindful of the age of the child you are creating the Warrior Monster for. It is advised that you use no hard attachments such as googly eyes, or buttons. Any loose items attached (such as woollen hair, felt spikes for example) should not be a choking hazard, be larger than a small ball (not able to be swallowed) and should be well attached in such a way that it will not fall off.

4. Children can become so attached to their cuddly friends and this is especially so of children dealing with traumatic experiences. The sculpture you create of your child’s Warrior Monster will be something so personal and unique to them. You are bringing what they have imagined in their minds to life and this will be something very special for them to receive. Please make your sculpture with all the care and kindness you have.

And lastly, please make it with love and compassion for it will be your love and compassion that is the greatest gift!

Thank you