September’s Warrior – Jackson

“Because brothers don’t let each other wander in the dark alone.” – Jolene Perry

Jackson (5.5) and Callum (3.5) are 2 years apart but they are incredibly close and share a loving brotherly bond. It’s super tough for Jackson at the moment as Callum is currently finishing up his second stay in hospital due to a diagnosis of AMKL. Callum was diagnosed earlier this year and is currently on his second round of chemotherapy. 

Jackson’s mum Pamela describes him as a ‘wee trooper’ who misses both his mum and his little brother who has always been Jackson’s closest pal. Callum, who is Jackson’s polar opposite is likely to be found zooming around his hospital room while Jackson is most likely contemplating the ins and outs of an engineering dilemma. He once tried to convince his mum, very innocently to let him connect the hose to both outside taps to see if he could ‘blow up the house’ all in the interest of scientific experimentation. 

Jackson is a sensitive little fellow who takes after his dad Brad and hates medical procedures. Jackson had to undergo DNA testing as part of Callum’s treatment which is usually carried out by a blood test but he was adamant that no one was coming anywhere near him with a needle. Fortunately, there was one swab test left, the one kept only for emergencies, it was quickly decided that this was definitely the time to get it. 

Jackson’s mum and dad take turns staying with Callum at the hospital so the family are able to keep their connection to each other and Jackson also has wonderful grandparents who have stepped in to support the family. They have all tried to keep his home life as normal as possible and he is able to visit Callum at the hospital a few times a week. 

Waiting to find out what will happen with Callum is one of the hardest things for this family but school has been a welcome distraction for Jackson. He has been excelling in his class and finds it a great comfort especially given his teacher is a former paediatric oncology nurse. Jackson has been able to go to her with any questions and she has a unique understanding of what he is going through.

Jackson is a very scientific kid and extremely creative with engineering projects, he takes after his dad in this way too. He is most happy tucked away happily with a project that involves complex tinkering to occupy his busy mind. He loves lego and puzzles as well as engaging in gardening and tending to his fairy garden. Like a lot of little boys he also enjoys gathering little collections.

We would love for you to send some mail to Jackson and brighten his day while he waits eagerly at home for his brother to return.

Jackson is a very scientific boy, always tinkering and investigating and loves anything that occupies his mind

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