September’s Warrior – Xavier

Xavier has been through so much in his short time on earth. Born with craniosynotosis (fused skull) it was thankfully determined at age 1 there is enough space for brain growth and would only impact him cosmetically. Xavier was in pain for many years  and it took a long while for doctors to diagnosis but after allergy tests, blood tests and further endoscopies & other scopes at five he was diagnosed with both coeliac diseases, where the body can’t digest gluten causing inflammation in the intestines and the rare disease Eoe. EoE is a condition where the oesophagus, the tube that sends food from the mouth to the stomach become badly inflamed due to the cells not working properly. Because there is no known way to fix or prevent Eoe, extreme food elimination diet are the starting point. Being a child and always missing out on birthday party food, school treats, Bunnings sausage sizzles and everything in between is very isolating for him. Because of this, many children don’t even invite Xavier to birthday parties, and he misses out on so much. While often sad about missing out – he never complains. He would love warrior mail to help him feel less lonely and positively thought of, in a world that is not all that easy when so many events in life revolve around food.

Xavier is really strong, and always wants to help others as he knows how it feels to be left out all the time. Because of his diagnosis’s Xavier is much smaller (shorter and tinier than the average 8 year old). He wears size 4 pants the same as his 4 year old brother and his parents are hoping they can maintain nutrients to keep him growing and healthy. He has to have lots of doctors’ visits and medical tests, but he is so brave and resilient.

He is also an amazing brother who always cares for his family. When Xavier was three and half his sister Madeline was diagnosed with leukaemia and had to receive chemo. This meant he was often shuffled house to house but he didn’t complain once or think of himself. Whenever his older sister got bullied for no hair during cancer, he ran in front of her and explained about cancer to the bully. Xavier gets through everything with a smile and makes the most of bad situations. His mum is so proud of him and the way he uses humour to make others laugh, a coping mechanism for himself. Even if he gets down at times he says things like “mum, my sister coped with cancer, so I can get through this” (such wisdom for a youngster).

He loves playing soccer, and fifa 20 on the Xbox with daddy and playing outside with his younger brother and older sister. He also loves building Lego, riding his bike and playing outside with the neighbourhood children.

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