The Story of Taylah

Seven-year-old Taylah should be having fun in the playground with her friends and her big sister, Caileah. Instead, she’s undergoing chemotherapy to treat a rare ovarian cancer called Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumour.

Her parents, Bradd and Charron, have been understandably devastated by Taylah’s diagnosis.

Children with these tumours generally have a good prognosis, but unfortunately for Taylah she had a pre-operative rupture, which caused the tumour to spill out of its capsule, exposing the peritoneal cavity to cancerous cells. As a result, Taylah is having to undergo chemotherapy for a period of four to six months. This treatment will depend on ongoing blood tests to see if there is tumour reoccurring, and performing CT/Ultrasound and MRI scans to check for visible signs of the cancer returning.

The doctors have made it very clear that they are unsure what this type of cancer will mean for Taylah long-term, as it is so rare. They have based their treatment on the very small number of cases documented in Germany and France and have taken advice from American colleagues to assist with the decision of chemotherapy. 

We’re right behind you, Taylah!

You can purchase prints of Taylah’s artwork here– all proceeds help us to support more kids like Taylah.

| Lisa Shearon

Artwork by
| Jade Foo  | Creature & Cub | @creatureandcub |

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