The Story Of Téa

If there is one thing that everyone agrees on, it’s that Téa is certainly cheeky. Tete (Taytay) or Principessa/ Princess as she is fondly known at home (or sometimes Poopants which she is not a fan of) has the gift of being able to win the heart of everyone who meets her.

Téa was born with MIC-CAP (microcephaly capillary malformation syndrome), characterized by small head size and abnormalities of the small blood vessels in the skin, which causes profound developmental delays, intellectual impairment and many physical abnormalities.

Téa inspires her parents daily with her strength and determination, these qualities encourage others to strive to be better people. Whilst Téa has an amazing strength and resilience, her parents live with constant anxiety of the day she will tire of her incredible battle.

Their biggest struggle is coping with not knowing what the future may hold for their family. But when they see Téa having cuddles with the people she loves (especially Daddy) or spending time with her friends and teachers at her school they are filled with love and appreciate for the moment.

Téa loves swimming, the movie Moana, her big dog Bella, Roald Dahl books and having sleepovers at her Nonno and Nonna’s house. Of course anything Pink wins hands down for Téa, this gorgeous princess insists everything be decked out in her favourite colour – wheelchair, school bags, clothes, hair accessories, and soon, her car. If it comes in pink she has it!

Téa’s parents try to stay upbeat all the time, they know that the alternative won’t change the outcome for Téa. They want to remember their time with her as happy and filled with love. A message we can all take into our everyday life despite the circumstances we face.

We asked Téa’s mum how the community can support them better and her response was heartwarming:
We are very fortunate to have an amazing support network of family and friends, as well as respite services, community therapy, an amazing special needs school and PMH. We couldn’t ask for anything more, we are very thankful for all of that, because it allows us to give Téa a great life, full of opportunities and possibilities.

Téa’s parents’ biggest dream for her is to continue having all her adventures and experiences. Tete doesn’t miss out on much and they don’t ever want her disability to interfere with living an exciting, and memorable life. Every day is spent making memories, whether that be travelling to exciting countries like Italy, Germany, South Africa and Singapore, or watching Disney movies that Mum used to watch as a little girl.

Téa is an exceptional girl who draws people to her like a beautiful flower and you can see the love and enthusiasm for life that was passed down from her parents shine through in her.

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|Sharon Pegrum | Sharon Pegrum |

Artwork by
| Janet Pan | Little Sketchy | @littlesketchyaus |

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